BRICS Network University International Governing Board (IGB) Meeting Launched
Time: 2022-05-05    Source: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

On May 5, BRICS Network University International Governing Board (IGB) Meeting was held virtually, with dozens of delegates from BRICS NU IGB attending. Mr. Fang Jun, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, moderated the Meeting.

During the Meeting, the head of delegation from BRICS reported the development of education in each country under the framework of BRICS Network University (BRICS NU) respectively, and Beijing Normal University briefed the outcomes of 2022 BRICS Network University Annual Conference.

BRICS Network University IGB Meeting Beijing Consensus was discussed and adopted as the outcome of the Meeting. The Consensus stresses that members of BRICS NU will continue to highlight ITG and expand new cooperation, persistently improving the education digitization, scientific cooperation and exchanges among teachers and students. A coordinating mechanism among BRICS NU members will be established to facilitate the resources sharing. The Consensus also insists upon implementing the concept and road map of BRICS NU development, to tackle with the tremendous changes triggered by the pandemic in education.

The Meeting serves as an opportunity to mark out the new direction for BRICS NU development, and guide BRICS NU members to further enhance exchanges and to explore new fields for scientific cooperation, boosting the BRICS NU and education in BRICS to a new stage.

The BRICS Network University was established in July 2015 during the 7th BRICS Summit. With years of development, fruitful achievements were made by BRICS NU regarding the studies in energy, computer science and information security, BRICS studies, ecology and climate change, water resources and pollution treatment, as well as economics. The BRICS NU has become to a comprehensive platform for coordination, communication, and joint scientific researches, bridging teachers and students among BRICS countries.

As a conventional activity of BRICS NU, the 2022 BRICS Network University Annual Conference was virtually held ahead of the Meeting on April 20. More than 300 experts and scholars from 13 countries participated in 6 parallel fora and exchanged opinions centering on the theme of "Building Partnerships among Top Universities for Sustainable Development in BRICS". It gave full play to the features of digitization and invigorated the development of BRICS NU. Universities including Beijing Normal University, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Hohai University, Southwest University, Northeast Forestry University and Hunan University respectively hosted the 6 parallel fora.