Talent Training Promotes Exchange and Helps South African Young Entrepreneurs Invest in China
Time: 2022-09-29

South Africa is the BRICS rotating presidency in 2023. In order to deepen the bilateral cooperation between China and South Africa, the 2022 South African Youth Entrepreneurs' Investment in China Training Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Training Exchange") was successfully held on the afternoon of September 29. Reon Van Der Merwe, the person in charge of the Xiamen BRICS Office and the representative of the South African BRICS Youth Association, attended and delivered a speech. The training exchange meeting was jointly hosted by the BRICS Innovation Base and the Haisi Central Legal District, attracting 24000 people from 13 countries including China, South Africa, Brazil, India, Russia, Argentina, Mauritius, Somalia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the United States and Germany.

Over the past year since the start of the construction of the BRICS Innovation Base, with the full support and assistance of all relevant parties, 30 BRICS talent training activities have been carried out on topics of concern to BRICS countries and other emerging markets and developing countries, covering 44 countries, with more than 840000 participants. This training will enable South African young entrepreneurs to better understand China's business environment, understand China's legal system, and help them establish contacts with Chinese enterprises to seek common development.

At the training exchange meeting, Huo Jianming, a part-time professor of Xiamen Institute of Technology, gave a training themed around "Practical Strategies for Entering the Chinese Market" and introduced many practical strategies for entering the Chinese market. Chen Fengxia, a practicing lawyer from China and New York State of the United States, explains the relevant provisions of the Foreign Investment Law in detail based on the Foreign Investment Law and typical application cases, and helps South African young entrepreneurs understand the potential risks and prevention and control methods that may be encountered in Chinese investment, which is highly instructive. Fan Tianyang, Vice Consul General of the Consulate General of Brazil in Shanghai, shared with you the entrepreneurial experience of Brazilian entrepreneurs in China, and conducted interactive exchanges on this content. South African representatives who participated in the training said that this training not only enabled them to have a deep understanding of the legal issues of entering China, but also inspired their future work.

This training program is one of the demonstration training programs that the BRICS Innovation Base focuses on building. At present, according to the classic foreign aid training courses that have been carried out or can be carried out with mature conditions, the BRICS Innovation Base has formed 23 demonstration training projects covering 7 modules, including investment and trade, industrial Internet, data management, smart medicine, smart policing, green light buildings, and vocational skills training.