The Opening Ceremony of Yama Ribbon India Industrial Park Kicked Off
Time: 2022-11-14

On November 13, the opening ceremony of Yama Ribbon India Industrial Park was held in Visha, Andhra Pradesh, India. As a BRICS demonstration unit, Yama Ribbon & Bows Co., Ltd. has set up an industrial park in India, whcih explores new fields of cooperation with India.

Zha Liyou, Consul General of the Consulate General of China in Kolkata, Beesetti V. Satyavathi, member of the Lok Sabha of India, Gudivada Amarnath, Minister for?Industry of Andhra Pradesh?Government, and representative from Ministry of Textiles of Indian Centra?Government attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

It is reported that the total investment in the project of Yama Ribbon India Industrial Park has reached 3 billion rupees, with a total area of more than 84,000 square meters. The project covers the construction of the park, staff dormitories and commercial hotels. The project will bring more than 2000 jobs to the local people after completion.