2023 Workshop on Ocean Economy Development and Management Open to Applications
Time: 2023-05-19

The ocean is a valuable asset for sustainable development and is of great significance to human survival and development. The ocean economy has become one of the most dynamic and promising areas for economic growth in coastal countries. With years of unrelenting efforts, China has successfully leveraged its advantages and tackled challenges in the development of the ocean economy, securing remarkable achievements. As a result, the new ocean industries are growing robustly, while the traditional ocean industries are stepping up transformation and upgrading. In addition, the comprehensive pilot program for modernized marine ranching is progressing smoothly with an enhanced supply capacity for marine energy and seafood.

Through mutual learning, this Workshop aims to enhance mutual understanding and build a platform conducive to international exchanges and cooperation among developing countries, thus facilitating dialogue and experience sharing among all nations in ocean management and the development of the ocean economy.

I.Organized by:

Innovation Training Base of Global Development Promotion Center

Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center

II. Managed by:

Fujian Institute of Oceanography

III. Assisted by:

Xiamen Marine International Cooperation Center

IV. Details of Training

(I) Prospective Participants

Government officials at and above Division-Director level from developing countries and emerging markets engaged in ocean resource management, ocean environmental protection, ocean and related industries, ocean planning and management, etc.

(Age limits: officials at Director-General level under 50; officials at Division-Director level under 45 years old)

(II) Number of Participants and Means of Training

Approximately 30 participants will be recruited for in-person training. The training will be conducted through face-to-face lectures, seminars and field visits.

(III) Language of Lecturing


(Language Proficiency: capable of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English)

(IV) Training Schedule

Training Period: July 12, 2023 ~ July 19, 2023

Training Site: Xiamen, China

Average Temperature: 27°C-34°C

Note: The above plan is subject to change and will be finalized in the pre-workshop announcement.

(V) How to Sign up

1. Signing up: Please submit the completed form (see Annex 1) to the Chinese Embassy (including paper document and scanned document).

Naming format: Application for 2023 Workshop on Ocean Economy Development and Management + Country of Residence + Name.

2. Closing Date for Applications: 26, May, 2023

(VI) Fees

The BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center will fund offline participants’ air travel (economy class) to and from Xiamen, China, and provide accommodation, meals and transportation concerning the training for offline trainees during the program. Other expenses should be covered by the participants.

(VII) Health Requirements

1. Participants who are in good health and can submit a health certificate issued by qualified public hospitals of home country.

2. Participants who are free of diseases prohibited by China’s laws and regulations, free of other severe chronic diseases (such as severe hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, mental diseases or infectious diseases that may pose a threat to public health);

3. Participants who are not in the process of recovering from major surgery or acute illness, not severely physically disabled nor pregnant. Please note that the host will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by illness during the training.

(VIII) Training Certificate

Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion for the 2023 Workshop on Ocean Economy Development and Management by the Innovation Training Base of Global Development Promotion Center upon the conclusion of the training course.

(IX) Other Notices

1. Please prepare your passport, Chinese visa and transit visa (if necessary) before coming to China. 

2. If participants cannot depart on time due to special circumstances, or if there are flight delays during transfer, please reach the contact in time and inform the latest flight No. and time of arrival in Xiamen so that we can arrange pick-up for you.

3. Participants shall not change their air tickets to China at will. If you are in exceptional circumstances, please reach the contacts and follow the procedures to change your ticket. Participants who change their tickets without prior discussion with the contacts will be notified to the authorities in your home country and the organizer is hereby relieved of costs and responsibilities.

4. After picking up the baggage, please wait patiently at the international arrivals gate(or domestic arrivals gate) and the organizer will pick you up with a pick-up board with your name on it. If waiting for more than 15 minutes, you can reach the contact by phone.

5. In case of lost baggage, please reach the contact to confirm the baggage delivery location before filling out the lost property registration form provided by the airlines.

6. Dress code: Please dress properly according to the weather in Xiamen and wear formal attire (national costumes are also acceptable) in important activities during the workshop.

7、Please note that family members or friends shall not follow.


                Nan Chen(Sophie)0086+15759296372

      Annex 1 Application for 2023 Workshop on Ocean Economy Development and Management

      Annex 2 Profile of Lecturers

      Annex 3 How to use WeChat

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