Focus on Legal Issues of Entering Chinese Market! @Foreign Businesses Won’t Miss Out
Time: 2023-04-25

    How can foreign companies adapt to China’s laws on market regulation and achieve compliance development? What legal issues should be noted when entering the Chinese market? The second session of “Exploring the Chinese Market” training program will fall on April 27th at 19:30 Beijing time (UTC+8). Ms. Chen Fengxia, a senior lawyer, will be invited to discuss with entrepreneurs online in English.

    Hosted by Innovation Training Base of Global Development Promotion Center and Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center, this training program aims to implement the Global Development Initiative and help entrepreneurs from all over the world to gain an insight into the Chinese market and develop strategies for exploring the Chinese market. This year, the program will fall between April and May, composed of four sessions, covering various topics including the present and future of the Chinese market, legal issues to be noted before entering the Chinese market, practical strategies for exploring the Chinese market, e-commerce and digital marketing in China.

    Please stay tuned.

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