The Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BPIC to Bring Xiamen Enterprises to Beijing for Trade Talks with Rio Grande do Norte
Time: 2023-04-18

On the morning of April 15, the Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BPIC, together with five Xiamen enterprises, including C&D and ITG, went to Beijing to hold economic and trade cooperation talks with the Brazilian government of Rio Grande do Norte and the Brazilian China Mining Association.

At the negotiation meeting, the Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BPIC introduced the construction of the BPIC and proposed cooperation intentions for project development. C&D Logistics, XINDECO, and CRCHI introduced their situation and cooperation projects, seeking in-depth cooperation with Brazilians in mineral resources, new energy, municipal engineering lighting system upgrading, overseas warehouse construction, and economic and trade.

Ms. Fatima Bezerra, Governor of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, introduced the development plan and relevant tax reduction policies of Rio Grande do Norte in the fields of energy, minerals, infrastructure, education, scientific research, and green hydrogen, and expressed her expectation for promoting commercial exchanges between Xiamen and Brazil.

During the meeting, representatives from China and Brazil conducted warm discussions, reaching multiple cooperation consensus to promote deeper and more practical cooperation in the new industrial revolution among BRICS.