2023 "Exploring the Chinese Market" Training Series Attracted 601,000 People from 30 Countries
Time: 2023-05-15

On May 11, 2023 "Exploring the Chinese Market" training series was successfully concluded. The training was held from April to May this year. It was organized by the Innovation Training Base of the Global Development Promotion Center of CIDCA and Xiamen BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center, and hosted by Xiamen Weitou Business Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Information Group Co., Ltd. The training aims to implement global development initiatives and effectively help entrepreneurs from different countries to gain an insight into the Chinese market and to master practical strategies to explore it.

Lectures of the training are closely related to the domestic market hotspots and the lecturers are highly qualified. The four courses cover practical theoretical explanations and case studies on the current situation and future of the Chinese market, legal issues worth noting when entering the Chinese market, practical strategies for entering the Chinese market, e-commerce and digital marketing in the Chinese market, etc., which have attracted 601,000 people from 30 countries including BRICS countries, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.