Digital Marketing for Cross-border E-commerce:Workshop on Global Branding and Marketing Strategies 2023 is Starting Soon
Time: 2023-08-11

As digital technologies are at the forefront of development of global trade and provide a unique opportunity for countries to accelerate their industrial transformation and digital upgrading, it is imperative for governments, enterprises and digital service providers (DSPs) to initiate dialogues and facilitate exchanges of expertise on effective digital marketing strategies and brand-name programs in the international market. In this context, 

The workshop is scheduled to be held at 19:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from August 15 to August 24, 2023, with lectures covering how to Build a Stand-out Brand on E-commerce Platform from 0-1, Strategy on Operation and Driving Traffic for Independent Cross-border E-commerce Stations, as well as the Product Selection for Independ-ent Stations of Cross-Border E-commerce etc. The course will be presented in Chinese with simultaneous interpretation in English.

The first session of the course is to begin at 19:30 Beijing time on August 15 (Tuesday) online, and the lecturer Michael Chen will be invited to discuss with domestic and foreign government officials and entrepreneurs (enterprise talents) on how to Build a Stand-out Brand on E-commerce Platform from 0-1.

The second session is to be held online at 19:30 Beijing time on August 17th (Thursday), with lecturer Vincent talking about Strategy on Operation and Driving Traffic for Independent Cross-border E-commerce Stations.

Please stay tuned.

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