2023 BRICS Cultural and Trade Talents Training Course is approaching on 10th,October
Time: 2023-10-09

Based on the accelerated performance of a new round of technological revolution, digital technology is fully empowering the cultural industry, and new formats and models are constantly emerging, providing new opportunities for the development of cultural trade. To actively cultivate high-end talents in the field of BRICS and “BRICS +” cultural trade with both humanistic spirit and international vision and promote cultural exchanges and trade contacts in BRICS and all over the world, Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center, together with Xiamen University of Technology, will carry out the BRICS cultural and trade talents training courses this month.

The workshop is scheduled to be held on the evening of October 10th, 13th, 16th, and 19th, 2023, with lectures covering International Cultural Policies, Laws and Regulations, International Cultural Trade Practices, Transnational Art Curating Practices, BRICS Film and Television Trade etc. The course will be presented in Chinese with simultaneous interpretation in English.

Please stay tuned.

Phase I: International Cultural Policies and Regulations

October 10 (Tuesday) 18:30 (Beijing time)

Phase II: International Cultural Trade Practice

October 13th (Friday) 18:30 (Beijing time)

Phase III: Transnational Art Curating Practices

October 16 (Monday) 18:30 (Beijing time)

Phase IV:BRICS Film and Television Trade

October 19th (Thursday) 18:30 (Beijing time)