Government Officials from 16 Countries Came to Xiamen to Learn in the Rural Area
Time: 2023-10-11

The 2023 Workshop on China Rural Development Experience and Global Sustainable Development was Held in Xiamen on October 10.

On September 21, 2021, the President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly, put forward a global development initiative, and contributed China’s plan and wisdom to realize the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. On the second anniversary of the initiative, on the morning of October 10, the opening ceremony of the 2023 Workshop on China Rural Development Experience and Global Sustainable Development was held in Xiamen with 22 officials from 16 countries, including Brazil, South Africa, Ethiopia and Iran, and 8 senior executive students from domestic key agriculture-related enterprises will start a 14-day study in Xiamen, Anxi, Nanjing and Ningde.

The workshop was hosted by Innovation Training Base of Global Development Promotion Center and Office of Xiamen Leading Group for BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center. It was the first offline training project in the innovation training base focusing on the theme of poverty reduction of global development initiatives. Under the guidance of national ministries and commissions such as China International Development Cooperation Agency, and under the leadership of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Innovation Training Base of Global Development Promotion Center, established in Xiamen in January this year, has continuously expanded the pragmatic cooperation between BRICS countries and BRICS+ as an important platform for China to implement global development initiatives, steadily promoted the implementation of global development initiatives, and contributed to promote the construction of a global development community.

In recent years, Xiamen has embarked on the road of agricultural and rural modernization with local characteristics, closely focusing on the target requirements of agricultural and rural modernization. This workshop deeply explores practical experience of China, such as the reform of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, precise poverty alleviation, ecological civilization construction and rural revitalization. It combines the cases of rural construction in Fujian and Xiamen, so as to serve the needs of agricultural and rural development and construction and agricultural modernization management personnel training in BRICS countries and other emerging markets and developing countries.

This workshop will invite Wen Tiejun, an expert on issues of agriculture, countryside and farmers, Wei Yudong, an expert on rural revitalization, and other well-known experts and scholars in agriculture-related fields in China to give lectures. At the same time, according to the theme of the workshop, members will visit leading modern agricultural enterprises in Fujian and Xiamen, such as Sananbio Agricultural Automation Planting Base, Jiangping Biology, Bali Seedling and Chinadrip, and visit rural revitalization demonstration projects such as Aotou Village, Baijiaoci Village, Lianhua Village, Xiamen and Xipu Village, Ningde. They will also be organized to visit the Nanjing World Heritage Cultural Project, Anxi Tea Culture and Tea Industry Project, and learn the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Xiadang Township, Ningde, so that they can appreciate the great changes in China’s agricultural and rural construction and ecological civilization development.