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Wang Yi: The development and expansion of the BRICS countries is an enlargement of the world justice front
Time: 2024-03-07

On the morning of March 7th, the Second Session of the 14th National People's Congress held the press conference. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, answered questions from Chinese and foreign reporters on China's foreign policy and foreign relations.

Wang Yi: 

The development and expansion of the BRICS countries is an enhancement ofthe peacekeeping forces and an enlargement of the world justice front, which should not be seen as a challenge. In a broader sense, the expansion of the BRICS membership is a reflection of the collective rise of the "Global South" and the accelerated progress ofthe World Multi-polarization. As a collective of emerging markets and developing countries, the proportion of the "Global South" in the world economy has increased to over 40%, profoundly reshaping the world economic pattern. Independence and self-reliance are the foundation of the "Global South", while unity and self-improvement are its tradition. The "Global South" is no longer the "silent majority", but has become a key force in the transformation of the international order and the hope of changes unseen in a century.

China has always been, and will also remain to be a steadfast member of the "Global South", sharing the common fate with all southern countries, and playing core roles in promoting the development and revitalization of the "Global South". The year 2024 not only witnessed the great harvests in the cooperation among "Global South" countries but also a new beginning for the unity of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This year, the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum is welcoming its 20th anniversary, the China-CELAC Forum welcoming its 10th anniversary, and the new Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summitis also going to be held in China this autumn. We are looking forward to participating in these grand events with all parties, continuously gathering the "Southern Forces" of developing countries for unity and cooperation. We support Russia in hosting the expanded BRICS Summit, and support Brazil and Peru in respectively organizing the G20 Summit and the Informal APEC Economic Leaders' Meetings, so as to jointly light up the "Southern Moment" of global governance.