Prospectus of the 2023 BRICS Excellence Training Workshop on New Industrial Revolution Technology and Governance
Time: 2023-10-11

Presently, amidst the rapidly advancing new wave of the digital technology revolution, the BRICS countries are according paramount importance to the development of the digital economy. They are actively engaged in exchanges and cooperation through the framework of the New Industrial Revolution Partnership and other related mechanisms. In the Johannesburg Declaration of the 15th Summit in August 2023, the BRICS leadersrecognized the challengesfacing trade and investment development in the digital era, acknowledged the different levels of digital development among BRICS members and thus recognized the need to address respective challenges including the various digital divides. This significant consensus reached by the leaders has provided a lucid direction for future cooperation among BRICS countries in the digital domain.

The BRICS cooperation mechanism serves as a vital platform for collaboration among emerging markets and developing countries. This forthcoming workshop aims to fortify cooperation between BRICS countries and other emerging markets and developing countries in the realm of emerging technologies, harnessing the potential of emerging digital technologies to bestow benefits upon people across nations and injecting new impetus to the development of South-South cooperation. Furthermore, it endeavors to drive the establishment of a universally recognized framework and standardized norms for digital governance, continuously enhancing the standard of global digital governance, and actively contributing to the establishment of a community with a shared future for mankind.


1. Organizer

BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center (BPIC)


2. Dates and Locations

Training Period: November 14 to December 9, 2023

Training Locations: Xiamen (classroom instruction and research visit), Shenzhen (research visit), and Beijing (classroom instruction and research visit)


3. Participants

This training workshop is specifically tailored for officials at the department or bureau level or above from government agencies responsible for industry, telecommunications, or digital economy in BRICS members, and Emerging Markets and Developing Countries. Each country will nominate one participant under the age of60.


4. Program Format

The training workshop will be conducted in-person through a combination of face-to-face lectures, interactive seminars, and field visits to businesses.


5. Program Content

The training courses comprise four modules:

(1) Module 1: The Digital Economy – Present and Future

· Analysis of  the currentstate of the development of the digital economy worldwide and in China in the context of the New Industrial Revolution 

·Interpretation of global strategies for the development of digital economy and China’s policies for digital economy planning

·Analysis of the overall development of China’s digital economy

·Assessment of  the emerging trends in the development of the digital economy worldwide

(2) Module 2: Artificial Intelligence Development

·Development of artificial intelligence in typical countries worldwide and in China

·Trends, potential security issues, risks, and challenges associated with artificial intelligence in key sectors and industries

·Technologies and practical applications of artificial intelligence

(3) Module 3: Emerging Technologies and Applications

·Development of emerging technologies worldwide and in China, including artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, metaverse, computing power networks, and digital twins, and their application scenarios

· The current state and trends of the development of emerging technologies in China

(4) Module 4: Digital Cooperation, Security and Governance

·Understanding Global Development Initiative and Global Security Initiative

·Digital governance and development concepts worldwide and in China, with a particular focus on the measures of developing countries to modernize the digital economy

·Measures, concepts and practices for ensuring secure cross-border data flows

6. Program Schedule

Note: This program schedule is subject to change and will be confirmed in the pre-course notice.


7. Registration

(1) How to Register:

(a) Please fill out the registration form (see Appendix 1 or scan the QR code below for download). When submitting the registration form, please use “BRICS Excellence Training Workshop + Country + Personal Name” as the document title and send it to after obtaining approval from the relevant government office.

(b) Closing Date for Registration: November 1, 2023

(c) RegistrationInquiries:

Lin Caiyan

Tel: +00 86 18750718792 (the same number for WeChat and WhatsApp)  

(2) Financial Subsidies for Participation

The BPIC provides financial subsidies for participants, which cover the cost of round-trip economy-class airfare between the participant’s location and cities related to training, as well as expenses for teaching, accommodation, meals, and transportation during the training period, andaccident insurance during the participant’s stay in China. Participants are responsible for any additional expenses incurred during the training period.

(3) Physical Examination

Participants are expected to be in good health. Once their registration is confirmed by the organizer, participants are required to provide a health certificate or physical examination report from a reputable local hospital (the format and content can be found in Appendix 2 or by scanning the QR code below for download). Please note that participants are responsible for covering the costs associated with the physical examination. Participants should not have any diseases prohibited by Chinese laws for entry, as well as severe conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or other serious chronic illnesses, mental disorders, or infectious diseases that may pose significant risks to public health. They should not be in the recovery period after major surgery or experiencing acute illness, severe physical disabilities, or be pregnant. The organizer will not assume any liabilities or cover any expenses incurred by participants during the training period for medical treatment. The physical examination form should be submitted to no later than one week prior to the participant’s arrival in China. 

(4) Training Certificate

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be awarded a completion certificate for the 2023 BRICS Excellence Training Workshop on New Industrial Revolution Technology and Governance.


1. Registration Form

2. Physical Examination Form

3. Instructions: How to Use WeChat.


BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution Innovation Center(BPIC)

October 11, 2023